Data / List Solutions
We offer an impressive array of demographic, psychographic and geographic selection criteria on all of our lists.
Data / List Management & Brokering
InnovativeEdge can provide you with assistance identifying valuable data and information that can be used to enhance the efficiency of your sales and marketing, planning, strategy and other revenue generating activities.

Let us help you increase the value and effectiveness of your existing database by:

  • Add a wealth of "attributable" information to your database files
  • Take advantage of multiple marketing channels
  • Identify deceased individuals
  • Better understand your customers


  • SIC Coding: appends the 6-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code to your business lists


  • Deceased Suppression: flags the deceased persons in your file
  • Ethnic Coding: identifies ethnicity of persons on a list based on surnames

Data Enhancement will enrich your customer file by appending powerful information to your customer database.
Data Enhancement services are designed to help you learn more about who your customers are, for example: where they live, what they earn, what they enjoy doing with their spare time. Used properly this information can provide you with the ability to communicate with your customers through more than one channel. These services will enrich the internal value of your customer file by appending powerful data elements - such as information related to demographic characteristics, historical automobile ownership, recreational interests and financial status - to your records.

When you understand the critical attributes that distinguish and define your customers and their buying practices you can cross- and up-sell more effectively and target more precisely.

You will be able to improve list response rates by designing promotions that speak directly to specific interests of your customers and best prospects. Discovering hidden markets within your house file you will instantly increase the value of your rental lists.

With over 700 available data elements to choose from you can learn about attributes as:

Demographic Selects (Who they are):

  • Age
  • Income
  • Home owner/renter
  • Parents

Lifestyle & Interest Selects (How they spend their time/money):

  • Work from a home office
  • CD-ROM owners
  • Frequent flyers
  • Mutual funds
  • Cell phone owners
  • Fax/modem owners
  • Personal/home computer owners

Purchase Behavior Selects (How they buy):

  • Shop by mail
  • Multi-responder
  • Mail-order buyer

Affinity categories like:

  • Home furnishings
  • Children’s apparel
  • Golf

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